Welcome to my Blog. Hello and sincere greetings from the north of Mainland China.


I don’t know what words that I can write to introduce myself within only the short article. Because I feel that it is up to others to describe what a person is like. But life is defined by yourself, so why should we care what other people think!

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Me, INTP-T, who always likes to ramble, guess and to think. So from childhood to now, basically I haven’t had sustainable hobbies, and one of which is about travelling. That explains well why I put a huge landscape image on the front page of this article (I will share the API at the end of the page). The sudden outbreak of COVID-19 in the brightest hours of my puberty made me have to stop my quest for freedom. I haven’t travelled since February 2019. My pace had to slow down, once I thought I was the opposite of おたく(otaku), but I have no way but to obey. Light is ahead and I have a vague feeling that the seal is loosening (:

Gaming. But it was 「Repealed」in 2022.6 at the time of WWDC. This is very interesting to tell, but I’m going to talk about it later. The first game I played when I was very young was Minecraft. I believe there are still many people playing. And I vaguely remember that the first version I played was v0.10.5(I googled it just now, and that was first publish in 2015! That is so unbelievable!) I do many thing creative in the virtual world, I harvested the purest form of happiness. That is my first time to gain happiness from Internet. Actually it can be dated back to 2013. I’ve got my first WeChat and share in the Moment. This left a very good first impression of my childhood later on, and even though I always complained at the time that it wasn’t good enough, but I still would rather go back to it. After Minecraft, I had played …(I don’t want to type Chinese charactor here so I choose to shut down). The passion to the game continued until the time of WWDC 2022. Then I updated my iPhone to the brand-new iOS 16, and found Tencent Game and also all the game have a serious Frame Rate display problems. Therefore, I uninstalled all of the games in my phone and I cut off my 7-year relationship with the game with my own hands.(It is even longer than that with my best friend).

Also, I’m a Geek. From the time I was very young, I was always interested in any digital devices. In my hometown, I am very grateful that my parents were able to bring me such cutting-edge technology, but I was always unsatisfied. The first smartphone I ever used was the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. Wow. That was actually awesome. Double-sided glass, wireless charging, ultra-thin body with curved screen. These technologies seem to come from the future, the distant future. But it is here now, in my hands. Although in 2022, the Galaxy S6 Edge still shocked me. I think S6 time was the top of Samsung. And the next phone I love is also from Samsung – Galaxy S10+. Its unique camera design takes the top spot in my heart in the jungle of Androids littered with masters in 2019. Also,the world’s first hole-digging AMOLED screen is also far ahead. But I finally fell into the arms of iPhone. And introduced my next hobby.

Geek Plus. I now enjoying DIY all sorts of fun Linux projects myself. And published these project in my personal telegram channel. Now I have about 700 subscribers. I feel so happy.


I think I have a very liberated and happy soul, mostly to fight against loneliness is listening to the music — as well as to fight against trouble. I love Adele, Lana Del Rey, Taylor Swift.

Yeah, this is me, but not all of me.

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4 December 2022, Saturday

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